“After God created the world beautifully, every aspect of life became infected by the cancer of greed, big egos and fear (the GEF-virus!). This created a moral ice age; love grew cold, and money seems to rule the world. Without curing GEF, every attempt to make the world a better place remains part of the problem. But what if we could overcome GEF and create true alternatives in all areas of life like energy, health, education, business, finances? ……after hearing this most people found it hard to go to sleep afterwards. They got caught in an exciting new vision that begins everywhere where people stop complaining or resigning, but find fresh inspirations to launch game changing innovations that literally break the ice: cars running on water, independent energy creation, the curing of seemingly incurable diseases and much more. If an increasing number of areas of life are changed by an increasing number of innovators, we are actually looking at the Re-Invention of the World, one piece at a time. Do not miss out to be part of it!”

“Many are saying: God yes, church no. And they discover: Jesus preached the Kingdom, what came was the church. If a Christianity that has turned into a man-made religion is part of the problem, what does it mean to be part of the solution? “