We are teaching on AWAKEN ZION and are now sharing on HEBRON. Hebron is the critical space in our progressive movement towards the finish of all things where we develop:

  1. Hebron is a space of strategic covenantal alliances
  2. Hebron is a space of authentic transparent friendships
  3. Hebron is a space of joining & binding
  4. Hebron is a place where SIGHT is enhanced & therefore the ability to hear
  5. Hebron is a place in the Spirit where completeness is established.
  6. Hebron is a spiritual choice to reach the maximum in God – we always choose to ‘GO UP ‘ to Hebron.
  7. Hebron is about integrity in our relationships.

The irony of Hebron is that if you do not choose Hebron, you will live a life of mediocrity, complacency, business as usual, and ultimately spiritual death. Jonathan chose a covenant friend & covenant community in David & the House of David, BUT he erred & procrastinated in disconnecting or migrating away from Saul his father. When two value systems are in conflict, when two seasons are in collision or when two orders collide, please have the sight & wisdom to transition to the current speaking of God OR the result will be a disgraceful despicable demise of ‘saul’ together with his son ‘jonathan’. There is NO middle ground.
Jonathan never made the mountain of Hebron he died disgracefully on another mountain – Gilboa- Read 2 Samuel 2 chapter 1 – tragedy at its highest. Gilboa is a ‘low barren range of mountains’, a place of ‘turbulent boiling springs’.
Family, please make the decision to choose HEBRON – a spiritual space with strategic covenantal relationships.