Honour Every Person You Meet

by Midge Barnabas

Greetings Family of God, Have an awesome Monday & a blessed week ahead. Read 1 Kings chapter 17 : Elijah the prophet is instructed to leave the brook Cherith, where he was fed twice a day by ravens and go to the widow of Zarephath who had nothing and was waiting to die because of […]

Awaken Zion – Hebron

by Ronald Joseph

We are teaching on AWAKEN ZION and are now sharing on HEBRON. Hebron is the critical space in our progressive movement towards the finish of all things where we develop: Hebron is a space of strategic covenantal alliances Hebron is a space of authentic transparent friendships Hebron is a space of joining & binding Hebron […]

Wow its Monday: AWAKEN ZION

by Ronald Joseph

Family of God, Greetings to Sons & Daughters of our Father. Thanks for being courageous, because we were made to be courageous!!! Thanks for taking time to listen to our series of teachings called ‘AWAKEN ZION’. This week we talked about three (3) lessons we learn in Bethlehem: 1.     Spiritual Authority 2.     Personal Integrity 3.     Sexual Intimacy & […]

TGIF-Today God is FIRST

by Ronald Joseph

Family of God our Father Greetings to Sons & Daughters, It is Friday again!!! Another day of appreciating God our Father for life & ability. Two (2) strategic important realities for spiritual progress from the life of Jesus Christ the patterned model son : Seeing & hearing. Seeing : John 5:19,30 / John 14:31 – We need spiritual SIGHT to […]

40 Days of Prayer & Fasting – Day 3

by Ronald Joseph

DAY 1: Pray that we will understand our salvation history & the truth that Jesus Christ alone forgives our sin & cleanses us from all unrighteousness. It is by HIS grace alone and not our works of righteousness. Jesus is Saviour, Lord & King. Pray that we realise that our allegiance is to Jesus Christ […]

WOW it’s Monday – A new season of Family

by Ronald Joseph

Family of God, Greetings on this beautiful Monday !!!! Gods Word to you today is :  John 15 verse 14 – Jesus says to us ‘ you are my friends if you keep on doing the things which I command you to do’ We live our lives under the ‘command’ of Jesus Christ. Jesus lived HIS life […]

Wow it’s Monday – Church is a family

by Ronald Joseph

Greetings Family of God. Celebrate life & have a blessed 2014 in Christ. Church is a family. God is our eternal heavenly Father, the FATHER of all fathers. We all need earthly spiritual fathers. THANKS for choosing to be an integral part of our spiritual family. Outside of family & spiritual fathers are simply a […]

TGIF _ Today God is First – New Years Declaration 2014

by Ronald Joseph

Greetings Family. Welcome to 2014 New Years Declaration 2014 Heavenly Father, We Thank You For All You Did In 2013. For Your Awesome Goodness And Abundant Provisions. Now Here We Are Standing On The Brink Of Yet Another Year-2014 And Once Again, Our Hearts Are Full Of Faith And Expectation Knowing That We Have Not […]