Family of God our Father
Greetings to Sons & Daughters,
It is Friday again!!! Another day of appreciating God our Father for life & ability.
Two (2) strategic important realities for spiritual progress from the life of Jesus Christ the patterned model son : Seeing & hearing.
  1. Seeing : John 5:19,30 / John 14:31 – We need spiritual SIGHT to see what our heavenly Father is currently doing and only do what HE presently does. We need ‘elevated sight’ to see from an eternal sacred perspective – see the same things our heavenly Father sees.
  2. Hearing : John 12:49 & 50 / John 7:18 – We need to hear what our heavenly Father is currently saying and hear HIS voice above all other voices. God speaks primarily through HIS word, the Holy Scriptures; through HIS prophets and our spiritual earthly father. Spiritual fathers represent the eternal heavenly FATHER. The emphasis in this season is fathers & sons within the family of God. No spiritual father will mean we are spiritual orphans.
This weekend Mike Weitenberg from Auckland, New Zealand is with us – Mike is a prophet to this generation.