Gilgal East Ministries is a pioneering leap of faith in obedience to Christ. The meaning is very significant and pregnant with meaning and God’s instruction for us as a household of faith.

The meaning comprises of the following:

1. Separation /Circumcision. SEPARATION from the reproach of the past and an engagement with the future of promise, Faith, Hope and Love.
2. Reconfiguration and Re-formation. A place of constructive preparation.
3. Governmental Jurisdiction. Establishing a governmental influence over your jurisdiction(12 stones representing 12 tribes)

East is symbolic of what is FIRST – the sun rises in the EAST first.
The tribe of Judah was in the EAST of the camp – Judah always went FIRST
The Shekinah glory entered the temple first from the EAST
• The garden is planted in the East of Eden
Cherubim are stationed on the East side of the Garden of Eden
• Parts of the burnt offering are to be thrown to the East side of the altar
• The tabernacle’s entrance faces East
• In Ezekiel’s vision God’s glory comes from the East and enters the temple from the east.
• The same temple faces East with a river flowing East from it
• Presently the only gate sealed is the Eastern Gate in Jerusalem. It is widely believed that when the Messiah returns to the city of Jerusalem HE will enter through the eastern gate. Devout Jews scrambled to have their graves located outside the eastern gate opposite Mount Olives.

Significance of the 12 STONES

12 is symbolic of:

1. Governmental grace & authority to rule & govern.
2.Completeness , maturity & perfection. In the Old Testament Jacob had 12 sons & were fathers or the heads of Households over the 12 TRIBES – they were essentially 12 princes and this completed the nation of Israel. 12 symbolizes establishing a governmental influence over your jurisdiction.

  • Jesus chose 12 disciples who later became the 12 apostles which seem to fit the context of the number 12 used elsewhere in the Bible as this number also signified governmental rule or authority. The betrayer, Judas, was replaced by Matthias (Acts 1:23-26).
  • The New Jerusalem which descends out of heaven has 12 gates made of pearl which are manned by 12 angels. Each of the gates has been named after one of the 12 tribes of Israel.
  • In Revelation 7, twelve thousands from each of the 12 tribes of Israel will be saved near the end of the present world system.
  • The walls of the New Jerusalem are measured at 144 cubits high which is 12 multiplied (Rev 21:16).
  • The New City is also 12,000 furlongs squared (Rev 21:16).
  • There are 12 precious stones that will be used as the foundation of the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:19-20).
  • The wall of the city had 12 foundations with the 12 names of the apostles on each one (Rev 21:14).
  • Twelve thousand will be taken from the earth so that they may serve the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ (Rev 14:1-5).
  • The high priest’s breastplate had 12 precious stones embedded within them.
  • Jesus very first words were spoken at the age of 12 (Luke 2:42).
  • There was even a woman who had suffered from a blood hemorrhage for 12 years (Luke 8:40).
  • There are 12 Minor Prophets in the Old Testament. They are called minor, not because they are less important than the Major Prophets, but due to their size being considerably smaller.
  • There are 12 historical books in the Bible: Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 Sam, 2 Sam, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther.
  • There were 12 loaves of permanent offerings on the golden table (Lev 24:5).
  • There were 12 explorers or spies sent into the land of Canaan (Due 1:23).
  • Solomon had 12 administrators in his kingdom (1 Kings 4:7).
  • There were 12 men who laid 12 stones in building a monument to the Lord (Joshua 4:3).
  • The Book of Chronicles contained 12 great priests.
  • Twelve curses were indicated for disobedience to Israel (Duet 27).
  • A young Israelite male took 12 years before he could be admitted as a “son of the law.”
  • There were the 12 sacrifices of animals that were to be given (Numb 7, 29).


1. RED –  Symbolizes cleansing , purifying & forgiveness. Red also symbolizes the shedding of blood & sacrificial death to self & all human agenda’s.We are constantly CIRCUMCISED from on level to the next. After the death & resurrection of Christ it is not physical circumcision but a circumcision of our hearts & spirits. Whom the Father loves HE chastises. In a church family be prepared to circumcised by your spiritual father.

2.BLUE –  Symbolizes transition , change ,migration & reconfiguration. We have to cross rivers & seas in our spiritual journey. There are always obstacles to overcome. Those who choose stagnation normally live mediocre spiritual lives or never make the Promised Land. The Promised Land implies you have to leave Egypt , the land of bondage , tradition & human religion. We migrate into what God is currently doing & saying.We cannot live on yesterdays ‘manna’ . Everyday brings a fresh & new encounter with Jesus Christ through HIS proceeding WORD.

3.PURPLE –  Symbolizes that we are a royal priesthood , a holy nation & God’s own special family. We are a new creation in Christ. We are SONS in God’s eternal family. We are heirs of the FATHER , joint -heirs with HIS son. God is our FATHER that makes us HIS sons. Jesus Christ is KING that makes us princes’s & princess’s. We are God’s governing & ruling FAMILY on earth.

Welcome to Gilgal East MinistriesWhere Church is  Family and Jesus Christ is Lord