Family of God,

Greetings to Sons & Daughters of our Father.

Thanks for being courageous, because we were made to be courageous!!!
Thanks for taking time to listen to our series of teachings called ‘AWAKEN ZION’.

This week we talked about three (3) lessons we learn in Bethlehem:

1.     Spiritual Authority
2.     Personal Integrity
3.     Sexual Intimacy & Purity 

1. Spiritual Authority: 

The ability to serve your spiritual father will launch & connect you into your divine destiny in God. The ability to serve your spiritual father will take you to your next level in God. To be over & in authority we first learn to be under authority. 1 Samuel 16:21 : ‘And David came to Saul, and stood before him : and he loved him greatly ; and he became Sauls armour – bearer.’ 

a.    David’s FIRST RESPONSE when anointed king at age 17, was to find ‘someone to serve‘, in his case the monstrous King Saul. We all need to be servants of Christ but Christ we cannot see, so we serve each other and we serve our spiritual father – those we can see. We make a conscious, deliberate decision to ‘go’ to our spiritual father. He does not first come to us.

b.    David stood before Saul : ‘stood’, is the Hebrew word ‘yatsav’ it means to offer oneself for service to another person.

c.     Joshua 1:1 – Joshua is Moses ‘minister’ the Hebrew word for ‘minister’ is ‘sharath’ personal assistant -PA.

d.    David ‘loved’ Saul : Love is not a feeling, it is an act of the will, love is something we do.

e.    David became Saul’s ‘armour-bearer’ : this is about learning how to honour, serve & celebrate your spiritual father or those in spiritual authority. Elders serve by leading & deacons lead by serving.

We all are servants of Christ.

‘I would rather live a day in my destiny than a 100 years outside of it.’

 Have a super week celebrating grace, peace & love from our Father through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Joel Ronald Joseph
Gilgal East Ministries