Pray for Syria – International day of prayer for Syria on Friday 11 April 2014

On 11th April 2014 believers around the world will pray for Syria.

According to some estimates (the UN stats is somewhat lower) 200 000 people died in the conflict so far, more than 800 000 injured, and as much as 10 million displaced – 5 million fled the country and another 5 million displaced inside the nation. These 10 million represent more than 40% of the nation.

The displaced live in temporary shelters/homes/tents in great poverty and in very difficult circumstances.

Some prayer pointers:

·         Pray that God will bring back peace to the country and to the hearts of the people.

·         Pray for the children of Syria who are experiencing tremendous trauma.

·         Pray for the Christians to be steadfast in their faith.

·         Pray for the church to build unity, reconciliation and mutual respect in their communities.

·         Pray that Christians will reach out to their neighbours with compassion.

·         Pray for the many Syrians that questions their faith. Pray for a revelation of God’s love for them and that they will meet Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

Ask others to join in prayer.


Ronald J. Joseph