Welcome to Gilgal East Ministries

Thank you for taking time to visit online.

WE are an emerging apostolic community who desire to return to the infallibility of the Holy Scriptures and the proceeding WORD from the heavens; the centrality of Christ in life and eternity; a Spirit empowered church that is the governing family on earth representative of the FIRST FAMILY in the eternal heavens. We appreciate the fullness of Christ. We believe in the progressive unveiling of revelation. God engages the people and the planet in ‘times and seasons’ We further believe that this is a unique season in God. The Father desires ‘many sons to glory’ and all of creation awaits the manifestation of the sons of God. Sons is a gender inclusive term. We define ‘church’ as the family of God. Church consists of ‘fathers & sons’. We have a primary, eternal and sovereign Father in the eternal heavens, we all bow and submit to the FATHER of all fathers. We have biological representative fathers over marriages, families & homes. Then we have representative ‘spiritual fathers’ who lead church families.

We are on a journey to maturity in Christ and desire to represent HIM exactly & accurately to our planet.