Greetings Family of God,

Have an awesome Monday & a blessed week ahead.
Read 1 Kings chapter 17 : Elijah the prophet is instructed to leave the brook Cherith, where he was fed twice a day by ravens and go to the widow of Zarephath who had nothing and was waiting to die because of the famine.
The widow of Zarephath simply honoured Elijah the prophet by baking him the last food she had left – she gave Elijah the prophet FIRST – first fruit giving is an act of HONOUR.
In this story because of the obedience of the widow of Zarephath – she honoured the carrier of grace – Elijah the prophet – 3 significant things happened :

  • Firstly, the flour & oil never stopped while the entire nation was in famine, recession & depression. Our provision, prosperity, wealth & abundance is dependent on the inexhaustible grace from God our Father BUT God places a carrier of grace in our life `so that we can benefit when we exercise honour.
  • Secondly, the widow’s son died & Elijah the prophet brought him back to life. Supernatural grace will flow to you when you honour a carrier of grace.
  • Thirdly, she allowed Elijah the prophet to live in the ‘upper chamber’ or upper room – above her family. We must recognise that grace flows from the heaven to the earth, primary grace flows from the head of the Church, Jesus Christ to HIS Body, us HIS Church. Grace flows from the set man in the House of God to sons & daughters in the family of God. We need a spiritual father above & over us.

Honour every person you meet. We are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, God’s own family called out of darkness to declare the praises of HIM.

Ronald Joseph

22 August 2016