by Ronald Joseph

Dear Sons & Daughters of God our Father, Welcome home to Gilgal East Ministries – where church is a FAMILY !!! There is an absolute foundational principle and practice that has to be operational in our lives everyday so that there is a progressive movement to greater spiritual depth and substance. There are principles that […]

TGIF: With our God all things are possible

by Ronald Joseph

Greetings Family of God, Today God Is FIRST – Welcome home – where church is FAMILY – Gilgal East Ministries. With our God all things are possible. Life is tough, life is difficult BUT our Father in heaven loves us unconditionally and HE supernaturally can do anything for us when HE wills it. This Sunday […]

Wow its Monday

by Ronald Joseph

Greetings Family, Sons & Daughters of God our Father!!! Celebrate a new week filled with peace, progress, provision and prosperity from our Father in heaven. Relationships are made great by recognising two (2) essentials: Firstly : we appreciate our SIMILARITIES. Secondly : we respect our DIFFERENCES. Have a super week of grace, peace and love […]

New Love

by Ronald Joseph

Greetings Family,   Welcome home!!!!   We are still overwhelmed from last Sunday, 3 November 2013 @ 10am. Thanks for making our FIRST DAY, Gilgal East Ministries start, an authentic new beginning for all of us. We are now a significant, sacred and special part of history in the making. God our Father has impressed in my […]


by admin

All of creation awaits the manifestation of the ‘sons’ of God according to Romans 8 verse 19 and the book of Malachi indicates that the restoration of ‘fathers’ would remove the ‘curse’ from the planet. Statistics now indicate that every four (4) minutes a rape is committed in South Africa, that one (1) out of […]