All of creation awaits the manifestation of the ‘sons’ of God according to Romans 8 verse 19 and the book of Malachi indicates that the restoration of ‘fathers’ would remove the ‘curse’ from the planet.

Statistics now indicate that every four (4) minutes a rape is committed in South Africa, that one (1) out of every three (3) women in our nation is a potential victim of this disgusting evil.

We need an ‘african spring’ against sexual violence against our sisters, daughters, mothers, wives & children.

The only legitimate institution that has the approval of the heavens to legislate & act against this scourge is the true, authentic Church of Christ.

When ‘fathers’ are restored in the nation, this ‘curse‘ would be terminated. When ‘sons’ manifest with governmental & royal authority, the lights literally come ON and darkness flees. By the way – the term ‘son’ is a gender neutral term, inclusive of ‘females/daughters’.
The church needs ‘fathers & sons’ to be in unity & unison so that our planet can be made beautiful for Christ again.

Problem 1.

We do not have ‘fathers’, we have critics, and pseudo-fathers BUT no authentic biblical fathers. Real, authentic fathers are selflessly committed to the benefit of all others beyond themselves. Authentic fathers are committed to ‘Christ’ being formed in you until you resemble, reflect & represent Christ on the earth.

Problem 2.

We have ‘good’ church members; we have excellent students of our church constitutions & we have brilliant church politicians: generally all of them have the spirit & mentality of an ‘orphan’ BUT no yearning to be authentic ‘sons’. AUTHENTIC ‘sons’ know & pursue God our Father & the WORD of Christ the SON; authentic sons have loyalty to a Household of faith, called the local church the family of God on the earth & authentic ‘sons’ choose to submit to a spiritual father on earth.
Jesus was the ‘son of God’ and also ‘the son of man’. Jesus Christ is our model, template & paradigm.
Today choose biblical truth above human, secular wisdom. Today choose to make our planet beautiful for Christ.