Family of God,

Greetings on this beautiful Monday !!!!
Gods Word to you today is :  John 15 verse 14 – Jesus says to us ‘ you are my friends if you keep on doing the things which I command you to do’
We live our lives under the ‘command’ of Jesus Christ. Jesus lived HIS life under ‘command’  to HIS Father. If we are ‘fatherless’ then we are ‘orphans’ and have NO spiritual point of reference or NO point of spiritual departure. Choose to have a spiritual family, choose to have a spiritual ‘father’ in your life. This is indeed a new season of family, a new season of fathers & sons and a new season of living in OBEDIENCE to the instruction of our Holy Scriptures.
Have a week filled with supernatural grace, healings, miracles & strength.
Love you with the love of the Lord.
Ronald, Rowena & Ethan