Greetings world !!!

WELCOME home It is our privilege and honour to introduce you to our family and our Household of faith. We are a unique community of faith offering NEW hope , new faith & new love through Jesus the Christ. . Whether you are an honest seeker of truth ,peace and grace or a mature follower of Christ you are welcome to visit, engage us and enjoy the warmth of our hearts.

We are a contemporary in style, smart casual in our dress, sophisticated in our thinking and we love people. Welcome to a place you can call HOME. GILGAL EAST MINISTRIES. We are not religious,traditional or conventional.
We live in a rapidly changing planet .In the midst of all the change we also realize that there are spiritual seasons of change.There is a demise of the old seasons and a dawning of new spiritual seasons in Christ. We are a community who want to hear God our Father exactly & accurately and obey HIS proceeding word with complete compliance to the demands of heaven & eternity.

We meet on Sundays @ 9am to 11am. Households of faith will soon be activated on weekdays.
Our address is 29 Park Street, Benoni, 1501.
Stay connected. Creating humane, ethical people and a beautiful planet of peace & harmony.

From our family to your family

Grace,peace & love,
Ronald, Rowena & Ethan